Our discussions with these clients often center on the following topics:

    Spending plan design

    Investment Management


    Medicare analysis

    Social Security Planning

    Proactive Tax Consulting

    Estate Planning

    Legacy Planning

    Roth Conversion Analysis

    charitable giving Strategies


    Bill & Margaret

    Bill and Margaret recently retired. They are trying to understand how to create an income stream from their investment accounts to support their spending. Margaret doesn’t think their advisor is the right fit for this next stage of their life so they would like to interview a new advisor. They’d like to understand when they should file for social security and what Medicare policies are the best fit for them. Additionally, Bill is worried about income taxes since most of their assets are in tax-deferred accounts.  


    The Four Stages of a Bear Market

    The Four Stages of a Bear Market

    With social distancing now our current norm, we wanted to assure you that your Moneta team, backed by our internal investment department and our...



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