Our advisors help clients think through the myriad of decisions in the final working years before retirement.
Our discussions with these clients often center on the following topics:

    Financial Independence Analysis

    Investment Management


    Education Planning

    Social Security & Medicare Planning

    Proactive Tax Consulting

    Estate Planning


    asset protection

    Insurance analysis

    charitable giving


    Mike & Beth

    Mike and Beth are married. Beth decided to stay at home early in her career to focus on raising their three children. Mike has worked at a few companies over the years but has spent the last 20 at XYZ Corp, a publicly traded company. Over the years he has accumulated a lot of shares of the company through their stock purchase plan, restricted stock options, and some incentive units.   


    The Four Stages of a Bear Market

    The Four Stages of a Bear Market

    With social distancing now our current norm, we wanted to assure you that your Moneta team, backed by our internal investment department and our...



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