Our advisors help physicians with the specific planning considerations unique to someone practicing medicine, in addition to the general financial planning that applies to all clients:

retirement savings plan

estate planning

Contract Review

Insurance analysis


Asset Protection

Private Investment Analysis

Proactive Tax Consulting

Social Security & Medicare Planning

Investment Management

Physician Disability Insurance Analysis

charitable giving


Alex & Sarah

Alex is a surgeon at a large hospital and Sarah is an anesthesiologist for a private medical group. They have 2 children. Alex has just been offered a new contract and a second offer at a private surgical group – he would like help evaluating his offers. Sarah recently was offered the ability to buy into her practice but doesn’t know what questions to ask. Alex has been participating in his 403(b) plan but doesn’t know if he should put money into the other retirement plans offered at his job. 


The Four Stages of a Bear Market

The Four Stages of a Bear Market

With social distancing now our current norm, we wanted to assure you that your Moneta team, backed by our internal investment department and our...



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