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Our advisors help business owners protect their interest in the business, diversify their wealth outside of the business, and create a long-term
transition plan in the event they decide to retire.  Some common questions we help with are:

Which retirement plan is right
for my business?

How can I transfer my business to my family?

Are my business and personal assets protected from lawsuits?

I don’t want to sell my
business – should I create a plan for “some day?”

How much should I invest in
my retirement vs. the growth
of the company?

I think my business is worth a lot if I sold. Is there a way to reduce my estate tax?

Are there tax strategies I can
use as an owner to reduce
my tax burden?

How do I protect my
business against a key employee departing or becoming disabled?

What happens to my ownership in the business if something happened to me?

My business is my whole life. What would I do in “retirement”?

I want to enjoy life more. Can I partly retire while still staying involved in the business?

I want to sell my business – what are some considerations I need to know? Can I make changes now to improve the value of the business at a later sale?

When should I retire and what does retirement mean to me? As your business becomes more successful, your lifestyle tends to increase and your necessary retirement portfolio increases.

    Will my spouse & family know what to do when I’m gone?

    How much will I need to
    retire and how long will
    my money last? 

    Can I leave some inheritance
    for my children?




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