RetireeS: Persona EXample

Bill & Margaret

Bill and Margaret recently retired. They are trying to understand how to create an income stream from their investment accounts to support their spending. Margaret doesn’t think their advisor is the right fit for this next stage of their life so they would like to interview a new advisor. They’d like to understand when they should file for social security and what Medicare policies are the best fit for them.  Additionally, Bill is worried about income taxes since most of their assets are in tax-deferred accounts. They would like to leave one million dollars to each of their three children.

How Moneta can help in this hypothetical situation:

If this were a real scenario, The Duff Team would sit down with the Andersons and go through all their various accounts to give them a consolidated financial picture. Next, we would create a spending plan along with an investment strategy to support it. Part of the spending plan would be to replace their former paycheck with a bi-monthly “paycheck” from their investment portfolio. We would analyze all of the Anderson’s available social security strategies and advised them on an optimal strategy based on their life expectancy. Finally, we would connect them with a qualified Medicare resource who could walk them through their best policy options for their specific medical needs.

Our goal would be for the Andersons to comfortably live off a spending plan. They would meet with us semi-annually to discuss their investments, changes to their plan, along with gifting ideas for the children.

Examples contained herein are for illustrative purposes only based on generic assumptions; individual experiences with the Team, and results, will vary.  This is not an offer to sell or buy securities, nor does it represent any specific recommendation.  You should consult with an appropriately credentialed professional before making any financial, investment, tax or legal decision. Past performance is not indicative of future returns.


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