The Duff Team, like our clients, is comprised of members with different backgrounds. Our clients are either pre-retirees, physicians, business executives or the emerging affluent. Each niche requires a different skill set to provide sound financial advice; our team is built to ensure we have the most relevant expertise to serve our core client groups well.

We pride ourselves on providing high quality, fiduciary, fee-only advice to a select number of clients. Each client has a minimum of three people working with their family. Providing this level of resources allows us to ensure our clients can reach us quickly and that we can provide in-depth advice on a variety of planning topics.  

The advisors on the Duff Team are made up of accountants, lawyers and certified financial planners. In addition to our differing backgrounds, we are spread among different locations as well with advisors in Phoenix, Jefferson City, and St. Louis. 

The most unique feature of the Duff Team is our tenure. Our team has a collective experience of 94 years working at Moneta. This mutual devotion to our clients and each other creates a team chemistry that shows in our client service.  As a result, we have a continuity plan that we humbly think is impressive. Our clients know that we will be here to serve their families not just for decades to come, but for generations.



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