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The Breckenridge Team empowers successful individuals and families to navigate life’s path and protect what they cherish. We are experienced at guiding families through life and the many joys and trials that come in between. Whether you want to send your kids to their dream school or retire early, we are here to guide you. Whether you want to optimize your estate plan or tax strategy, we are here to guide you. Wealth management doesn’t have to be hard. We are your advocate. On the Breckenridge Team, we do more so you can too. We understand that a client’s last best experience becomes their new minimum expectation, so our team strives to ensure you always receive exceptional service. Our primary point of distinction is that we go to extraordinary lengths for our clients and our service offering is defined by what our clients need.The Breckenridge Team features a diverse set of professional credentials, providing you with specialized expertise regardless of the financial challenges you face. We built this team to span multiple generations so we can keep our commitment to serve you and your family for multiple generations. If you are looking for objective guidance from a financial advisor, we’d love to have a conversation with you about how we can be your advocate.


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When I was reading my news feed on my phone the other day, a story popped up with the headline, “How to Choose a Financial Advisor.” This reminded me of my favorite story related to that topic from the book, “The New Financial Advisor” by Nick Murray.

To explain how one should choose a financial advisor, Murray responds with a story: “Way back in 1957, when Warren Buffett was just starting out, he was referred to a wealthy family in Omaha named Davis. This would be the first really important client he would have outside his family, and so he went over there, and made his presentation, and left – and the Davises didn’t know…

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