They say that change is the only constant in life; Moneta Group Investment Advisors has almost 150 years of data to attest to that fact. Since 1869, the firm has established a long history of success and an even longer history of adaptation.

When the firm opened its doors it served as an insurance broker; over the years, it has adapted not only to the industry, but also to clients’ needs. From insurance to wealth management, from owned by but a single person to a partnership of owners, the evolution has been steady—and it has resulted in an extremely successful business. In fact, over the last decade, Moneta has doubled in number of clients, number of employees, assets under advisement and revenue.

In order to continue this success, Moneta Group has placed significant emphasis on strategic planning, reinvestment, and developing a sustainable business, a deliberate change that has come about as a result of the changing environment of the industry. A big part of this plan is in creating meaningful, developmentally oriented career paths for future leaders in order to ensure the continuation of the firm’s success.

“Being a sustainable business gives our clients more confidence that they and their families will be served by advisors they know and trust for generations to come,” says Thomas O’Meara, Managing Partner. “Our clients’ relationships with Moneta aren’t contingent on a single person. Instead, they are developed with an enduring team of financial professionals that span multiple age bands. This offers an unparalleled continuity of service to our multi-generational clients.”

Earlier this week, a major step in the sustainable business plan was realized as Moneta Group promoted twenty Advisors to Senior Advisor, essentially preparing to mold these individuals to become Moneta’s next generation of leaders.

The twenty new Senior Advisors represent eleven teams at Moneta Group and hold a combined 192 years of service. They were selected for this promotion due to technical expertise, behavioral attributes, and commitment to Moneta Group’s future.

These promotions allow the Advisors to take a step up in their roles as leaders. It also makes them eligible to participate in the firm’s 3-5 year “Partner in Training” program. The program prepares Senior Advisors to build a robust pipeline of prospects and new clients while ensuring that they acquired the business development, consultative and behavioral skills, technical knowledge and “team CEO” skill-set needed to be a Partner.

“It is our mission to build a partnership of sustainable Moneta teams based on shared values,” says O’Meara. “These Senior Advisors are some of the best and brightest in the business and it is our job, as the current leaders of the firm, to continue to develop and mold them into the future leaders that will help take Moneta Group to the next level.”

The advisors who received promotions include: Anthony Aiazzi, Nicole Bailey, Michael Carpenter, Mark Conrad, Bill Dickens III, Sean Duggan, Logan Finerty, Robert Hehmeyer, Laura Hessel, Brooke Hunady, Jordan JanesChristine JohnsonKatie Johnson, Kelli Jones, Ryan Martin, Jamie Mealey, Megan Nangle Riley, Jake Winegrad, Farah Winkler, and Jeffrey Wist.

Ultimately, Moneta Group has recognized an important fact of life: the branch that does not bend, breaks. To thrive in this reality, the firm is continuing to invest in their teams, promoting the next generation of business owners and protecting the economic engine that creates opportunities for everyone, not just the current Partners.

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