Members of the Kukla/Schick team. (From left to right) Peter Schick,Hunter Brown, Laura Pupillo, Patrick McGinnis, and Donald Kukla. High resolution photo available upon request.

ST. LOUIS—December16, 2013—A primary goal of any financial advisor is to ensure that clients are prepared for their future; however, it is common in the industry that advisors do not plan for the future of their business with the same attention.

At Moneta Group Investment Advisors, LLC (“Moneta”), Don Kukla and Peter Schick developed a succession plan for their team by implementing a strategy that allows younger advisors to become more intimately involved with new and existing client relationships.

This plan is evident in the promotion of Patrick McGinnis, CFP®, CFA and Hunter Brown, MBA, CFP® from Professional Consultants to Principals, effective January 1, 2014.

“Creating a succession plan is absolutely necessary in this industry,” says Brown. “It ensures that our team will be there for our clients today and for future generations. This provides a level of confidence that clients require,and a level of service that Moneta strives to provide.”

McGinnis adds “succession planning does not happen overnight. Hunter and I look forward to ongoing mentoring from Don, Peter and other Moneta Principals.”

In order to assist with these continuity plans and encourage consultants to continue their professional growth, Moneta offers a unique ‘Professional Consultant-to-Principal Program.’

“Hunter and Patrick have set a strong example for others to follow,” says Gene Diederich, Chief Executive Officer of Moneta. “They have both achieved and exceeded the requirements outlined in our PC-to-Principal Handbook and I am thrilled to see them continue to grow.”

Brown has been with Moneta since 2009 as part of the Kukla/Schick team and has a background in commercial banking. McGinnis started with Moneta in 2001 as an intern on the Kukla team, which merged with the Schick team in 2007.

The addition of Brown and McGinnis to the Kukla/Schick team makes their four-principal team one of the largest at Moneta. They are one of Moneta’s more proactive teams in terms of establishing a long-term succession plan and are eager to provide their clients with service for many years to come.

To learn more about the team, visit the Kukla/Schickadvisor team webpage or call Jane Heine, Operations Manager at 314-244-3214.


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