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    Success means that you’ve put in the work, made smart decisions and taken some calculated risks — and all that effort is finally paying off. Prioritize making the time to maximize your benefits, minimize your taxes and plan for the future you imagine. Even for senior executives, a financial plan doesn’t “just happen.” It gets built.

    The 4 Building Blocks of Financial Independence for Executives white paper is built on case studies and experiences of others in your shoes — and it contains what you need to know to help you get started on your path to a “work optional” lifestyle to include:

    • Why it’s important to separate your financial future from your company’s fortunes — and how to do it without triggering large tax bills or accusations of disloyalty.

    • How to maximize the use of your compensation package beyond stock options.

    • 3 risk-management challenges that are unique to corporate executives like you —and some strategies to mitigate them.

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