Our Expertise

Proactive Tax Planning

Seemingly small changes in the tax code can significantly impact many areas of personal finance, including how much you keep in your pocket. That’s why Moneta Group has established Tax Strategies, a dedicated team of tax professionals whose job it is to keep abreast of changing tax law and how it impacts your financial future. These experts provide proactive tax planning solutions and preparation services through innovative ideas and expert, timely advice.

Tax Strategies’ year-round, in-house staff collaborates with your Moneta team to provide seamless tax service through proactive tax planning. Moneta Group will also coordinate tax issues with your family’s accountants. Taxes are at the heart of every personal financial plan, affecting everything from estate planning and investments to cash management and executive benefits.

Tax planning is a big piece of the Moneta puzzle, but it’s truly just a piece. Moneta Group advisors provide customized, one-on-one planning in every area of your personal financial life. Find out more by contacting an advisor today.