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Moneta Trust

Christie L. Schmuke, Moneta Estate Planning Attorney

Christie Schmuke, J.D.

Thank you for your interest in Moneta Trust. Moneta Trust was created to support the needs of clients who wish to continue to maintain their investment relationship with Moneta Group and have the safety and security of a third-party custodian accompanied by a local trust officer who maintains contact with the family.

Moneta Trust combines Moneta Group’s proven investment capabilities with a next-generation trust administration platform. As a Trust Representative Office of National Advisors Trust Company, FSB, the nation’s largest federally chartered advisor-owned independent trust company, Moneta Trust provides your family with independent, local, professional guidance for multi-generational planning and oversight.

Moneta Trust integrates seamlessly with your Moneta Group Family CFO to provide expert trust technology and administrative support. There is no need to change your investment philosophy, asset-management style or portfolio holdings. You may also retain your advisors—attorney, accountant and other professional relationships.

When Moneta Trust serves as trustee, the duties are bifurcated, assigning to each company the responsibilities it does best. Moneta Trust provides the administrative trustee services to the trust, and the Moneta Group Principal provides investment management. The bifurcation requires specific trust language, and is made available to your attorney for review and inclusion in your estate plan.

This integration allows both companies to enhance our multigenerational family relationships and deliver peace of mind and long-term family harmony.

Please contact me with any questions or suggestions about how we can serve your family.

Christie Schmuke, J.D.