We help our clients and their families make sound financial decisions. This is the core business of the Kukla/McGinnis/Brown Team. On the surface, it appears that all financial advisors make the same promises. We differentiate ourselves in the industry in three key ways:

  • We help our clients establish and implement a plan that is in line with their goals. Most importantly, we help them see it through by providing objective, disciplined advice. We take the emotion out of the decision-making process. This helps our clients stay on track in order to achieve their goals.
  • We have a succession plan in place in order to see our client’s families through multiple generations. The advisors on our team range in age from late 60s to early 30s. We created this team intentionally so our clients can be assured we will be here for them and for their children.
  • Many people come to us for investment advice, but they stay with us for everything else. What is “everything else?” Our Team Services Chart highlights the broad scope of our expertise. We serve as our clients’ Family CFO, advising on every aspect of their financial lives.

We hope you will contact us with questions.

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Alicia Faerber, Operations Manager