With more than 30 years of experience, it is with a seasoned perspective that Pat Duff approaches comprehensive financial planning for his clients. Pat believes that witnessing major financial events throughout his career gives him a unique view and understanding of preparation and discipline. Together with his team, Pat brings to every client relationship the benefit of this experience, tailoring his approach to create a plan that helps clients progress toward their goals.

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In addition to this experience and professional know-how, the Duff Team sets themselves apart with the unique dynamic of their team. Supported by three Advisors and three Client Service Managers, the Duff Team remains seamlessly connected when providing support to their clients, all while working in three different cities and two different time zones.

The majority of the team is located at Moneta Group’s headquarters in Clayton, Missouri, however, both Advisor, Kelli Jones, and Advisor, Samriti Dhingra work outside of the St. Louis area. Although non-traditional, having team members in different areas of the United States allows for a greater reach to those who need their expert financial guidance, and with the help of today’s technology, they can collaborate and consistently provide the ‘Raving Fan’ service that clients expect and deserve.