Working together for more than 10 years, Allan and David Curtis bring new meaning to Moneta’s ‘Family CFO’ concept. Jon Curtis, another of Allan’s sons, joined the Curtis Team in 2014. The father-son team not only embodies the Family CFO model, but also strongly believes in it.

“As advocates for our clients’ financial well-being, we constantly evaluate our role and the effect our decisions will have, not only on our first generation clients, but the next generation as well.”

With that idea in mind, the Curtis Team uses their backgrounds in banking and finance – and their dedication to providing ‘Raving Fan’ service – to assist clients in achieving their financial goals and objectives.

In order to provide the most helpful assistance possible, the Curtis Team is dedicated to staying ahead of the curve in terms of service, knowledge, and experience; they also try to imbue every client relationship with mutual trust, confidentiality, and respect.

With a strong dedication to client satisfaction and over 35 years of professional experience at the helm, clients of the Curtis Team can be sure that their family’s financial future is in good hands.

Contact the Curtis Team

Kate Parker
(314) 244-3254