Preserving the logo system’s visual integrity helps Moneta Group manage a more positive brand experience as its perceived by the whole community. While it may be easy to distort the logo using any number of graphics applications, it is essential to avoid a wide-range of misuse in helping Moneta maintain consistent visual positioning. Examples include, but are not limited to the below displayed misuses.

  • Logoform / Logotype Positioning Orientation Misuse

  • Color Swapping Misuse

  • Negative Space Encroachment Misuse

  • Sizing / Skewing Misuse

  • Sizing / Skewing Misuse

  • Drop Shadow Misuse

  • Shape Enclosure Misuse

  • Type Swapping Misuse

  • Proportional Scale Misuse

  • Graphic / Type Outline Misuse

  • Gradient Coloring Misuse

  • Graphic Texturing Misuse

  • Graphic / Type Dimensionality Misuse

  • Color Palette Mixture Misuse