Color Palette

Moneta Green is the anchor color within the new visual brand system.  A range of grey blues, an emerald green and Moneta Gold may be used as accent colors in designs, layouts, signage, apparel, etc.  HEX values are for web use, CMYK values are for print use, and PMS values are used for print and specialty solid color uses (screen printing, embroidery, product branding, etc.)

  • Moneta Green

    HEX#003f2d C=66 M=0 Y=57 K=82 R=0 G=57 B=40 | PMS 5535

  • Moneta Gold

    HEX#a39161 C=20 M=25 Y=60 K=25 R=163 G=145 B=97 | PMS 871

  • Emerald Green

    HEX#447755 C=75 M=33 Y=75 K=18 R=66 G=122 B=87

  • White

    HEX#ffffff C=0 M=0 Y=0 K=0 R=255 G=255 B=255

  • Blue Grey

    HEX#8ca4a2 C=48 M=26 Y=34 K=1 R=139 G=163 B=161

  • Light Blue Grey

    HEX#eff6f6 C=5 M=1 Y=2 K=0 R=239 G=245 B=246